Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I've been noticing that my more well-liked pieces have been getting bad reviews in my little pick-a-reaction scale underneath every post. Just so everyone knows, 'Seriously?' is bad while 'Oh wow!' is good. I thought that was obvious but maybe people are just dumb. Or maybe I'm just a bit full of myself thinking that the people who like it are the ones that leave that feedback. On a side note that happens to be completely related, if you don't like a piece, please comment it and tell me why, don't just leave a bad reaction. Similarly, if you like a piece, let me know why, don't just tell me it's good. Of course this can't be the case with everyone because some people will not know why they like it or dislike it, just that they do. If that's the case, do whatever you want.


Charles the Third said...

Lol, I always ignore that thing xD but I will do it for this post :P

ThisisaScott said...

I figured most people do, but it was confusing me that the pieces i got the most positive feedback on were the pieces i was also getting the negative feedback in that little reaction scale thing.